Article Writing for Search Engine Traffic

Article writing is one of easiest, simplest ways to get new potential customers to visit your website. Not only does it position your company (and you) as an expert in your field, it creates brand awareness and help generate more sales.

Article writing for search engines

Sharing Your Expert Knowledge

If you provide a product or service on the Internet, you are probably an expert in the topic already. Why not share this knowledge with others? You do not have to give away trade secrets or wholesale sources, but you can inform a total stranger about a myriad aspects about your business. The intent is to provide informative content that lets the reader know you know what you are talking about, which builds trust. And when a customer trusts you, they remember you when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.

Positioning yourself as an expert has many benefits to the business owner, some of which aren’t readily apparent until months or years down the road. You will never forget the day when you realize that people value what you have to say on a newsworthy subject relevant to your business; not only will it build instant credibility with anyone who will read your content,  but it will connect you with customers, increases your search engine hits, and gathers backlinks to your website, as you further establish your expert status.

Using Search Engines To Your Benefit

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If you choose to write keyword-optimized articles, you will let those using the search engines know that the information you are offering is right up their alley. Although some skill and time is required to do this well, the long-term benefits are obvious. If you produce content to a highly searched keyword relating to your business, you are maximizing your website’s SEO potential.

Gathering Backlinks

Most website owners are acutely aware of their Google PR and Alexa ratings. One of the ways to increase your rating (and therefore search engine hits) is to have higher-rated websites link to yours. One way to do this is to write an informative article and then submit it to these websites. Whether they are article submission sites, online magazines or even related businesses you can quickly change how the search engines link to you by gathering a high number of high quality backlinks.

marketing automation toolsDiscovering the Advantages of Digital Marketing

Now that you understand more about what article writing can do for you and how it can improve your search engine rankings, increase visitor numbers to your website and position you as the head honcho in your field, you are on your way to writing engaging content. If you don’t have the time, you can choose to hire marketing agency that has a team to do it for you. In addition to SEO writing, these experts utilize market-driving automation tools to get lots of attention focused on your business. This way, you can devote your time to your business and still reap the amazing benefits of innovative marketing and SEO.